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CW BP2/3 Fit Out Christmas Party £800.00
Canary Wharf 50/50 draw No. 01  £122.00
Eugenio C donation £50.00
Canary Wharf 50/50 draw No. 02 £125.00
Lynda W donation £20.00
Mick not swearing at skiing £61.00
Other Skiing donation £106.00
Canary Wharf 50/50 draw No. 03 £144.00
Big Mo re-donated £10.00
Eugenio C re-donated £18.00
Dave P re-donated £14.00
Balance of Steve S winnings £34.00
Krispy Kreme Doughnut Challenge I - Marc Berryman £209.00
Krispy Kreme Doughnut Challenge II - Keith Bradshaw £401.37
Interest - March to May 08 £12.18
Other £0.27
Interest - June 08 £4.90
Steve L £10.00
Ray Mc - Putter £100.00
Interest - July 08 £6.61
From a good footie fan £20.00
Interest - August 08 £6.62
Theresa and Kelly Canadian Girls donation £40.00
Interest - September 08 £7.91
Cheryl W £20.00
Thalians Quiz Night - info to follow £445.00
Gig Proceeds - to 09/11/08 £6,122.25
Sale of CD's - Ray Mc £20.00
Interest - October 08 £16.98
Simon Cooper donation £10.00
Burt C donation £100.00
Interest - November 08 £18.06
Do Yer Nut Hairdresser collection £24.00
Interest - December 08 £9.13
Gina M - sponsored teetotal £150.00
Gill B £25.00
Interest - 2009 £10.70
Mike A £20.00
Linkforce HK contribution £150.00
Interest - 2010 £0.30
Touch screen PC -£475.00
Speechpro software -£485.87
Assistance with wet-room construction -£8,029.40
Balance £474.01
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The Funds First Assistance - A Talking Computer

Here are some videos of Dave using the first thing the fund has bought to help him.  With the disease, speech is one of the first things affected and Dave is now at the stage where normal conversation is completely restricted and communication can be extremely frustrating.

The touch-screen PC means he can more easily input information as opposed to using a small keyboard.  we bought some advanced software from America (called speechpro) and he loaded it onto the PC.  This allows him to input sentences into the PC and have them "spoken" through its speakers.  The software comes with some more realistically human voices than the type people associate with Steven Hawkins.

At the moment its taking him a time to get used to using the software system as it uses boxes with words as well as a regular keyboard layout so commonly used words don't need the be spelt out in full.

The secnd video is Dave using the PC to tell us he will be cured tomorrow!

The last one has his daughter stealing his comfort blanket for herself!

If you have any comments, suggestions or other ideas please feel free to put them in the Guest Book - I would welcome any helpful feedback.