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Krispy Kreme Doughnut Challenge I - Marc Berryman £209.00
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Eight donuts in and a sip of coffee
     The Krispy Kreme
      Donut Challenge

It started with a simple comment from Marc Berryman, a work colleague at Canary Wharf.  Having purchased a box of doughnuts and shared them with others Marc, once he had polished off three KK's, boldly stated "I could eat a whole box of these" and the challenge was born.

Monday 02 March 2008 at 1 PM was the allotted time for Marc to back up his rash claim.  I purchased two boxes, each containing twelve (one spare just in case), and everyone gathered in a meeting room to see if he could achieve the extra-ordinary goal of eating twelve in an hour.
Marc started off at a sprint, and six were polished off in less than five minutes.  At this point I think everyone thought it would be a breeze, but his pace started to slack.  At the eight doughnut stage Marc was relying on coffee for lubrication and time was creeping by. 15 minutes gone, 15 to go.   The coffee was finished and Marc lifted the ninth to his lips.

The ninth doughnut is started - coffee all gone
At this point it was clear that Marc was starting to struggle.  He called for further lubrication in the form of water.  Marc later recalled at this point "...I could no longer taste the sweetness of the sugar coating.  All I could taste was the grease and dough".  Bravely he struggled on with the challenge and ate the tenth doughnut by the 20 minute mark.
Ten down and two to go with 10 minutes remaining, it looked as though the challenge would still be simple. But at the eleventh he hit the wall.  It simply would not go down.  More water was called for and drunk in a trice but Marc still looked uncomfortable.  He took a breather.  Eventually, with the clock resting at 25 minutes, he put the last morsel of the troublesome penultimate dough ring into his mouth and swallowed it down with a grimace.
Now onto the last.  Five minutes remaining, Marc made a pathetic nibble at the edge, hardly convincing to the spectators.  Time for another rest, the crowd held its breath. Then, at the the 28th minute in a flurry of sugar and grease, Marc boldly stuffed the remaining cake into his mouth, briefly chewed and then swallowed - Success!!!
The final donut - its not slipping down...

Thanks to Marc's brave achievement we have raised £209 for the fund (final total to be confirmed once all the money is in).  Sorry to say most of the doughnuts were not kept inside Marc's belly for long.  Well done and thanks!

Now, stepping up to the Mark is a much bigger challenger, Keith Bradshaw.  He has instructed me to purchase two boxes of doughnuts and has guaranteed to eat at least sixteen of them!  Same time next week!!  See Donuts II