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Gig Proceeds - to 18/11/08
Ticket sales - gig 26/9/08 £970.00
Sponsorship £3,200.00
T-Shirt sales £220.00
Ticket sales - gig 23/10/08 £1,170.00
Sponsorship £1,100.00
CD sales £129.00
Less Costs
Hire of Space venue -£246.75
Engineer 1st gig -£90.00
Hire of Miller Venue -£330.00
Total Proceeds so far £6,122.25
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Canary Wolf - The Miller Gig - 23 October2008

Here are some pictures from the second and my final gig at the Miller on 23 october 2008.  I would like to say a massive thank-you to the following for their help and input:

Wild Sex party and The Bloom (again - cheers guys), for their support.  Both excellent bands and worth catching if you get a chance.

To the band for helping out the fund again- Nice one guys, I'm gonna miss you - really

To all of the sponsors - below - Please use them on your next contract, they are genuinely generous people

To all of the people who bought tickets for the gig and especially those who could make it to see the band

To Donna and Rowan for selling the CD's and raising more donations - thanks girls!

First Some Videos from the Gig

1) Never Drink on An Empty head

2) Credit Crunch (Encore)