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"A Piece of Cake"
     The Krispy Kreme 
   Donut Challenge - 2

Keith Bradshaw observed Marc Berrymans feat of eating 12 donuts in 1/2 hour, snorted, and said to me "get me in two boxes for next week".  He claimed that eating 16 would be a breeze.  "I eat six in 2 stops on the DLR on the way home on a Sunday before me roast dinner" he warned.  The date was set for 1 week and Keith bravely went into training.

The morning dawned for the Challenge so Keith wisely started the day with a full English breakfast.  A few measly yank donuts were not going to phase him!
The BP2/BP3 site canteen was packed with co-workers, wellwishers and other assorted sadists who wanted to see a man in pain.

In a similar vein to the previous victim, Keith set an amazingly fast pace, finishing a whole box in less than ten minutes.  This was obviously going to be a simple task .

However, it became apparant that another box was going to be a huge target and that he was going to do well to eat the 16 promosed.  More water was brought, along wioth a huge bowl, just in case...

But Keith was unfazed and continued to munch away with little or no expression or emotion shown.
The gathered crowd looked on in amazement as the sixteenth donut went down in 16 minutes.  I looked over to Keith and questoned whether he wanted to carry on.  "No more, thats the lot" he said. and that was that!

It was clear that, despite the otherwise expressionless facade, Keith was not comfortable.  But  he had reached the target and was roundly applauded by the gathered throng.  Anyone up to beat sixteen?? No takers so far.
"That's Enough, No More". The 16th has gone!

Purely from Keith's marvelous efforts we have raised £401.37 for the fund taking the total raised to over £2,000. Keith also managed to keep the lot down!  Thanks mate, brilliant work.