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Fund Accounts  
CW BP2/3 Fit Out Christmas Party £800.00
Canary Wharf 50/50 draw No. 01  £122.00
Eugenio C donation £50.00
Canary Wharf 50/50 draw No. 02 £125.00
Lynda W donation £20.00
Mick not swearing at skiing £61.00
Other Skiing donation £106.00
Canary Wharf 50/50 draw No. 03 £144.00
Big Mo re-donated £10.00
Eugenio C re-donated £18.00
Dave P re-donated £14.00
Balance of Steve S winnings £34.00
Krispy Kreme Doughnut Challenge I - Marc Berryman £209.00
Krispy Kreme Doughnut Challenge II - Keith Bradshaw £401.37
Interest - March to May 08 £12.18
Other £0.27
Interest - June 08 £4.90
Steve L £10.00
Ray Mc - Putter £100.00
Interest - July 08 £6.61
From a good footie fan £20.00
Interest - August 08 £6.62
Theresa and Kelly Canadian Girls donation £40.00
Interest - September 08 £7.91
Cheryl W £20.00
Thalians Quiz Night - info to follow £445.00
Gig Proceeds - to 09/11/08 £6,122.25
Sale of CD's - Ray Mc £20.00
Interest - October 08 £16.98
Simon Cooper donation £10.00
Burt C donation £100.00
Interest - November 08 £18.06
Do Yer Nut Hairdresser collection £24.00
Interest - December 08 £9.13
Gina M - sponsored teetotal £150.00
Gill B £25.00
Interest - 2009 £10.70
Mike A £20.00
Linkforce HK contribution £150.00
Interest - 2010 £0.30
Touch screen PC -£475.00
Speechpro software -£485.87
Assistance with wet-room construction -£8,029.40
Balance £474.01
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The Dave Wells & Family MND Support Fund - Weekly 50/50 Draw

Here I will be publishing the results of the 50/50 draw that I have organised for my work colleagues at Canary Wharf generally on the BP2 and BP3 sites.  Here is a diary of events so far... 
  • 19 Feb 2008 - Through the generosity of my colleagues I sold 100 tickets in the first couple of hours today!  The draw will take place on Friday at around 3 pm near my desk on site in the canary Wharf offices.  Results will be published here.
  • 20 Feb 2008 - I have now printed another 125 to sell today, but have run out of coloured paper!  Most of the new tickets have sold, the pot is now up to £202, with the winner now guaranteed taking away over £100 on Friday!
  • 21 Feb 2008 - I am today trying to arrange the formal setting up of a trust fund as I am not working at Canary Wharf today.
  • 22 Feb 2008 - ...and the lucky winner is James B. scooping the £122 pot on his birthday!  Thanks for the drink, James!
  • 29 Feb 2008 - This weeks winner is Steve Sims, claiming £125 shiny new pound notes.  But everyone went away from the draw with a small smile having eaten handfuls of home made cakes - thank you Donna!
  • 01 Mar 2008 - i am considering doing a 3 prize draw next time to add a bit more tension to the draw proceedings.  Any suggestions mail them to me please - - thanks.
  • 05 Mar 2008 - There will be one draw covering the fortnight w/c 03 and 10 March as I am away a lot of this week!  Tickets will be available tomorrow, Steve Sims has kindly re-donated his winnings to fund some extra tickets - details to follow...  For this 2 week draw there will be 2 colours of tickets (oooooh, pretty!!)
  • 12 Mar 2008 - the other pretty colour is white (as I have just been skiing).  the prizes will be 3rd place = £10, 2nd place = £20, 1st place = the balance of the pot, guaranteed at a minimum of £100.  The extra tickets are on a buy two, get one free (or paid for by Steve Sims) basis.
  • 14 Mar 2008 - the winners of this draw were..Bog Mo - £10 which he very kindly re-donated to the fund, Eugeno C - £20, £18 of which was nicely re-donated (leaving £2 for the next draw) and the big winner, Dave P claiming £114, which he generously re-donated the £14.
  • I am now stopping the 50/50 draw for a while, partly because I am on holiday and partly to avoid much charity fatigue!

  • So far the fund has raised £1,504.  We are aiming to do other activities during the spring and summer, including a sponsored walk in conjunction with the MNDA charity, a golf day and possibly jumping out of an aeroplane.  Any suggestions or donations would be extremely welcome - Steve (

Please note that this draw and the associated fund raising is in no way affiliated or connected with the Canary Wharf Group of companies or any of its subsidiaries or associated businesses.