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Gig Proceeds - to 18/11/08
Ticket sales - gig 26/9/08 £970.00
Sponsorship £3,200.00
T-Shirt sales £220.00
Ticket sales - gig 23/10/08 £1,170.00
Sponsorship £1,100.00
CD sales £129.00
Less Costs
Hire of Space venue -£246.75
Engineer 1st gig -£90.00
Hire of Miller Venue -£330.00
Total Proceeds so far £6,122.25
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 Canary Wolf - Live

There was no keeping them in...

They couldn't be caged for long..

Now, Canary Wolf are Live!


 You may know that I am in a band - Canary Wolf - (AKA the Kings of Cheese) and we performed a short tour in support of the Fund.  Very short, only two dates.  The first was at the Space on the Isle of Dogs in the East End of London on 26 September  and the second at the Miller on 23 October 2008. 


See our first press, national radio interviews and International TV by clicking the buttons below: 





Gigs all done now - sorry if you missed them.  We raised a heap of money for the fund, details to follow.

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These Gigs have been kindly sponsored by the following:

If any other companies are interested in sponsoring the gig and having your logo or company name included in the list of fine sponsors at the event, please contact me.